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Counter - Clamp Cone Flowmeter for Petroleum and Natural Gas

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In the oil and gas production and transportation operations, cone flowmeter is widely used in gas measurement. The prior art cone flowmeter mainly comprises a pipe body and a guide cone provided in the pipe body. The gas flowmeter disclosed in CN201110127584.5 works by calculating the pressure difference before and after the diversion cone is collected, Gas flow, with high measurement accuracy, wide measuring range advantages.
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However, the flow guide cone in the conventional cone flowmeter is cantilevered in the pipe body, and such a flowmeter suffers from the following disadvantages. First, it makes it difficult to assemble an existing flowmeter, Cone need to use a special tooling from one end of the tube into the workers from the other side into the welding tool will guide the cone and negative pressure pipe pressure welding fixed, the operating space is small, the assembly is very complex, low efficiency, diversion The cone easily deviates from the pipe body axis, and it is difficult to assure the assembling accuracy. Second, when the flow meter work, cantilever structure of uneven force, poor structural stability, in the fluid under the cantilever structure will produce great vibration and noise. In addition, the maintenance of the existing flow meter is very inconvenient, when the need to replace the diversion cone, due to the collection site without special tooling, and the operation is difficult, can not be quickly diversion cone from the body down, so only Can be replaced as a whole.
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Summary of the Invention
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SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION It is an object of the present invention to provide a clip-on conical flowmeter for oil and gas, which is simple in assembling and low in vibration and noise during operation.
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The piping cone flowmeter comprises a pipe body, a guide cone, a positive pressure take-up pipe and a negative pressure take-up pipe. The guide cone is installed in the pipe body, The small end of the pipe body is facing the inlet of the pipe body, the big end is facing the pipe body outlet, and the air flow passage is arranged between the large end and the pipe wall, the positive pressure taking pipe is connected with the small end of the guide cone, Wherein the negative pressure taking pipe is communicated with the pressure-taking hole in the guide cone; the pipe body is divided into two sections, the two sections of the pipe bodies are butt-fixedly fixed, and the two-section pipe body docking port A gasket is provided on the mounting bracket so as to allow the gas in the pipe body to flow axially through the mounting bracket through the gas permeable part, and the gasket is fixed on the mounting bracket And a pressure receiving passage communicating with the negative pressure taking-up pipe through the pressure-receiving passage of the mounting bracket, wherein the outer peripheral surface of the mounting bracket is sandwiched by the docking port of the pipe body , And the docking port is a sink table at the mouth of the pipe body.

Further, the mounting bracket has a wheel shape and includes a center portion, an outer edge portion, and at least two spokes connecting the center portion and the outer edge portion. The space surrounded by the adjacent two spokes and the outer edge portion and the central portion constitutes And an air permeable portion of the mounting bracket, wherein the guide cone is fixed to a central portion of the mounting bracket. The axial length of the mounting bracket is larger than the sum of the height of the butting port of the two sections of the pipe body so as to leave a gap between the two sections of the pipe body, and a screw hole is arranged in the radial direction on the outer edge section of the mounting bracket And the negative pressure taking pipe is screwed on the screw hole of the outer edge part through the gap between the two sections of the pipe body, and the two-section pipe body is fixed by bolts.
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The pressure-taking channel is opened in one of the spokes of the mounting bracket, one end of the pressure-taking channel is communicated with a negative pressure-taking pipe connected to the screw hole, and the other end is connected with a guide cone which is fixed on the central part of the mounting bracket Of the pressure hole communication. A sealing ring is arranged between the mounting bracket and the docking port of the two sections of the pipe body, the connecting flange is arranged at the inlet end and the outlet end of the pipe body, and a check valve nut is arranged on the positive pressure take- .
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The invention adopts a segmented butt joint type pipe body for a clip-on cone-type flowmeter for oil and natural gas, and the guide cone is fixed by a mounting bracket, the assembling and dismounting is convenient, special tooling is not needed, and the assembling is greatly improved Efficiency; and can be precisely the diversion cone installed in the center of the mounting bracket, and then into the tube, by controlling the tube body and mounting bracket mounting accuracy, you can control the diversion cone and tube coaxial In addition, through the mounting bracket to fix the diversion cone, so that its structural strength is higher, to solve the existing cantilever cone flowmeter vibration and noise problems.
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The flow meter measurement principle with the existing flowmeter are the same, are the pressure gauge connected to the positive pressure to take pressure and pressure to take pressure on the tube, the body fluid through the differential pressure to calculate the flow of fluid.
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The flowmeter is assembled in a simple manner by fastening the guide cone 3 to the center of the mounting bracket 4 to form a funnel assembly, butt-fitting the two pieces of pipe body 1 to the docking port 4 and fixing them with bolts 2, Finally, the positive pressure take-up pipe 5 is attached to the pipe body 1, and the negative pressure take-up pipe 6 is screwed to the mounting bracket 4. As shown in Fig. The entire assembly process without the use of special tooling, saving time and effort to avoid welding in a narrow pipe operation, a simple and effective guarantee of the diversion cone and the concentricity of the two tube body. And, when the need to repair replacement cone, only need to remove the docking bolt, open the two sections of the body, will be able to remove the cone assembly, the corresponding maintenance. In addition, the flow meter in the work, the mounting bracket of the uniform force, high structural strength, good stability, greatly reducing the vibration and noise at work.
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For more information, please download the complete specification for this patent.

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