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2016 China (International) sensor innovation and entrepreneurship contest came to an end

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According to the Guangzhou Institute of Instrument and Meter News, recently, "2016 China (International) Sensor Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition" come to an end. As an important event for the instrumentation industry, the competition is divided into eight areas, attracting many participants from all over the country.

Sensors as the realization of automatic detection and automatic control of the first part of the object is to have a "sensory" of a device. With the development of industries such as surveying and mapping, the application of the sensor is more and more extensive. The sensor innovation and entrepreneurship contest held in the mining of innovative talent, new docking of the sensor industry, instrumentation industry has an important role in the development.
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According to live news, this contest has a gorgeous lineup of judges, the basic cover of the Guangdong instrument industry and domestic and foreign experts and scholars. Competition using rigorous assessment criteria, the National Division eight entries for the initial evaluation, the selection of which 50 outstanding works in the final.
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Competition, the positive performance of the contestants were recognized by the panel of experts, after a day of fierce competition, the final contest award the first prize 3, second prize 13, third prize 33.
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Modern sensor technology combines many advanced science and technology, as the moment to achieve the foundation of all things interconnected, the development of sensors related to all aspects of social life. This contest's wonderful ending, to hold a perfect ending on painting, but also to the sensor industry in China to provide more new ideas.

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