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Japan developed a new type of gas sensor can be applied to mobile detection terminal

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Recently, Japan announced a research results. Japan Kyushu University and Keio University expert group composed of successful research and development of a new type of gas sensor.

The gas sensor is mainly used to detect nitrogen oxides. In the experiment, the researchers used a diameter of 10nm wire, precise control of heating temperature, and thermal delay time control in sub-microseconds, the sensor changes in current flow through the gas concentration can be detected, and energy consumption for the coke level.
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At present, there are commonly used gas sensors using thermal conductivity of the semiconductor sensor changes. Because of the small change in conductivity at room temperature, accurate detection can not be carried out, so semiconductor sensors need to be equipped with resistance heater, work in a wide range of heating around, and the best working temperature of 200-300 ℃. This results in the semiconductor sensor can not be installed in the plastic substrate, the development of mobile detection terminal obstruction.
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The development of the gas sensor low energy consumption, do not need a wide range of heating, it can be applied to mobile terminals. The sensor can detect volatile chemicals that affect human health and collect large amounts of relevant chemical substances, which will create new business opportunities in the future.
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The results are published in ACS Sensors, one of the world's largest scientific and technological associations, published in the July 19, 2016 issue of the American Chemical Society.

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