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Instrumentation industry since July the implementation of the standard which

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July, means that the instrumentation industry has entered the second half of the stage, as early as last year ushered in the new policy will also usher in July from the implementation of a large wave of work. The following will be summed up in July and what instruments are the industry's new regulations and standards.

July from the new "gas flow meter" national standards

July 1, 2016, GB / T32201-2015 "gas flow meter" was officially implemented. This standard was drafted on the basis of OIML International Recommendations OIMLR137-1 & 2: 2012, which relate to flowmeters other than liquid gas, multiphase gases, steam, and compressed natural gas (CNG) gasers. All principles of the type of gas flow meter, is a universal gas flow meter of the national standard.

The standard specifies the terms and definitions of the gas flowmeter, the unit of measurement, the metrological requirements, the technical requirements, the marking, the operating instructions, the sealability, the applicability of the pressure orifice, the metering control, the type evaluation, the first verification and subsequent verification.

The standard applies to any flowmeter based on any measuring technique or principle of operation for measuring the volume or mass of gaseous fuel or other gases that are passed under operating conditions, as well as additional electronic devices for flowmeters, built-in correction devices, built-in temperature compensation devices And other possible additional devices.

The standard does not apply to flowmeters for the measurement of compressed natural gas used in liquid gas, multiphase gas, steam flowmeters and compressed natural gas (CNG) gasifiers.

For a converter device as a flowmeter component or as a stand-alone product, a device for determining the high heat value and a gas flow measurement system consisting of a plurality of units are described in OIMLR 140 for related requirements.

This month the implementation of electrical and electronic products harmful substances new regulations

July 1, by the Ministry of Industry and the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, and other eight ministries issued the "Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Products Management Measures" (hereinafter referred to as "methods") will be implemented, the use of electrical and electronic products, toxic and hazardous substances, The specific and strict norms. The Measures stipulate that the rated working voltage shall not exceed 1,500 volts for direct current and not more than 1000 volts for alternating current or electromagnetic field, or for the purpose of generating, transmitting and measuring current and electromagnetic fields in the territory of the People's Republic of China, in the production, sale and import Equipment and ancillary products, that is, electrical and electronic products.

The scope of application of the Measures includes but is not limited to the following types of equipment and their ancillary products: 1. Communication equipment 2. Radio and television equipment 3. Computers and other office equipment 4. Household appliances and electronic equipment 5. Electronic instruments and meters 6. Industrial electrical appliances Electronic equipment 7. Power tools 8. Medical electronic equipment and equipment

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