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Talking about the Jitter of Metal Tube Float Flowmeter

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With the gradual development of society, metal tube, also known as metal tube rotor flowmeter rotor flowmeter, industrial automation process control is commonly used in a variable area flow measurement instruments. It can be used to measure the flow of liquid, gas and steam. It is especially suitable for medium flow measurement with low flow rate and low flow rate. The following is mainly for everyone to explain the next.

Metal tube float flowmeter is divided into local display and intelligent remote type. Enterprise after several years of efforts to improve the metal tube rotor flowmeter technology and technology, the new third-generation metal tube rotor flowmeter more accurate, better performance.

Sometimes the metal tube flow meter in use, will cause the pointer jitter, then what are the causes?

1, the metal tube float flowmeter slight pointer jitter: generally due to fluctuations in the medium, can be used to increase the damping of the way to overcome.
2, moderate pointer jitter: generally caused by the flow state of the medium. The gas is generally due to instability caused by the media operating pressure can be used to stabilize or steady flow device to overcome or increase the float gas meter damping.
3, severe pointer jitter: mainly due to medium pulsation, air pressure instability or user-given gas operating state of the pressure, temperature, flow and metal tube float meter does not match the actual state, resulting in a greater difference over the float flowmeter.
Thus, the use of today's many high-tech. Such as sensor technology, microelectronics digital processing technology, and often are compared to the transmitter, with high precision, good stability, high reliability, wide measurement range, range than the specific large.

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